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Hephaestus HL7® FHIR® aPaaS provides a path for rapid adoption, migration, and implementation of the HL7® FHIR® specification. Hephaestus is built using open source and distributed cloud computing technology. Hephaestus accelerates the adoption and implementation of the HL7® FHIR® standard by automating metadata exploration, data mapping, parsing, transmission, and API processes. Hephaestus provides customers with the capability to create secure API services for accessing patient, clinician, and provider healthcare information. Hephaestus provides zero trust security capability for authentication, authorization, and audit collection, as well as certificate authorization and management for digital signatures, non-repudiation, and data encryption.


Hephaestus FHIR®Spy Metadata Explorer is a metadata exploration solution based on HL7® FHIR® data interoperability standards. FHIR®Spy utilizes open technology and operates in a distributed cloud infrastructure. FHIR®Spy is a highly configurable and scalable solution used to analyze large datasets residing in data stores, data warehouses, and data lakes from multiple data sources and in multiple data formats. FHIRSpy provides multi-level data visualization based on the HL7® FHIR® data exchange specification. FHIR®Spy analyzes, aggregates and correlates data, and automatically prepares the data for the parsing and proofing process. FHIR®Spy accelerates the metadata exploration process required for achieving HL7® FHIR® data interoperability standards.


Hephaestus FHIR®Bricks Mapper is a solution for preparing the data shared between Healthcare systems based on the FHIR® HL7® conformance specification. FHIR®Bricks provides data mapping capability for B2B data exchange between Healthcare systems. The FHIR®Bricks solution allows users to map data from source files to target fields and systems. FHIR®Bricks uses the information from FHIR® Metadata Explorer to define the data fields, data objects, attributes, and semantics required when implementing the HL7® conformance rules. FHIR®Bricks allows users to define the data structure, operations, and datatypes, set up boundaries, relationships, and constraints as well as configuring approved API settings based on the FHIR® profile. FHIR®Bricks utilizes a defined schema based on the FHIR® HL7® conformance specification and allows users to validate data based on conformance rules, as well as maintain the attributes, enumerations, and mapping specifications.


Hephaestus FHIR®Proof Parser is a parsing solution that parses, indexes, restructures, benchmarks, and validates data based on the HL7® FHIR® data specification. FHIR®Proof is a powerful parsing engine that takes metadata extracted from FHIR®Spy and Healthcare information mapped, converted, and translated using FHIR®Bricks and parses the data into a readable and consumable format used by other Healthcare systems. FHIR®Proof is a highly configurable and scalable solution that utilizes HL7® FHIR® data specific rules for parsing, staging, and data quality based on user-specific business requirements prior to exchanging the data with another system. FHIR®Proof uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to accelerate the data classification and validation process prior to utilizing the FHIR®Wire solution for transmitting the data to another system.


Hephaestus FHIR®Wire Transmitter is a data exchange transmission solution based on the HL7® communication protocol (Level 7) of the OSI model. FHIR®Wire provides users with the ability to transmit Healthcare information across networks by defining and configuring the rules, syntax, semantics, and synchronization requirements. FHIR®Wire supports multiple communication protocols, and layering schemes, HL7® domain and profile specific classification schemes, and provides error recovery capability. FHIR®Wire establishes the data connection and conditions for the transmission to securely exchange packets of information to and from other Healthcare systems.


Hephaestus FHIR®Break API is an Open API solution for exchanging information with other Healthcare systems and is based on the FHIR® HL7® API specification. FHIR®Break provides the RESTful API framework and extensions to enable transactions between different Healthcare systems. FHIR®Break allows users to define the calls and requests, and the data format and conventions between Healthcare systems based on the FHIR® HL7® RESTful API standard. FHIR®Break provides an FHIR® HL7® conformance layer for message based exchanges and document-based exchanges. FHIR®Break incorporates HL7® FHIR® security principles for information assurance, privacy, authorization and access control, user identity, digital signatures, and data encryption.


ASSYST has been providing Health IT services and solutions for the Healthcare sector for over 25 years. ASSYST Health IT practice supports federal, state, and local government, and health and human services programs. We are involved in Global Health initiatives of Non-Profits and International Development agencies. ASSYST customers include Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Veterans Affairs, State of Maryland Department of Health, and Montgomery County Health and Human Services. Hephaestus works with any leading EHR solution, operates in a distributed cloud infrastructure, and supports Amazon Web Services FHIR® API Gateway, and Microsoft Azure API implementations.


HL7Hephaestus HL7® FHIR® aPaaS solution evolved out of ASSYST’s Green Accelerator Program. ASSYST Green Accelerator provides customers with a best-in-class operational environment to validate business rules, conformance rules, and use cases, and perform proof of concepts based on the HL7® FHIR® specification for any Healthcare related profile. Hephaestus provides customers an opportunity to validate their proof of concepts, ideate, architect, and co-create innovative solutions to achieve the HL7® FHIR® specification and conformance requirements.



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