Empowering Veterans to Support Our Nation’s Cyber Missions




Khalil Zebdi, Executive Vice President – Business Development | LinkedIn


ASSYST is proud to partner with Point3 in supporting the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) CyberVets program. This program falls under CMS Enterprise Cybersecurity Program Services and is managed by the Information Security and Privacy Group. CyberVets is a mentorship program that aims to enable veterans with basic, direct hands-on experience with cybersecurity. It provides them with practical experience as well as preparing them for employment opportunities in the Federal sector.


ASSYST is responsible for providing CyberVets Program Support through the development of computer-based tasks (challenges) to produce knowledge and task domain structure, conduct cognitive task analysis, and facilitate deep learning of operational cybersecurity concepts. We identify knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) from the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) framework for various job roles within CMS. ASSYST develops terminal learning objectives based on the identified KSAs from the NICE framework. Program outcome reporting and analytics is a critical component of the initiative. We manage the collection and reporting of real-time metrics related to computer-based tasks (challenges).


The CyberVets program is powered by Point3’s ESCALATE platform, which is an online target-rich ecosystem. This unique system supports both re-usable “human vs. machine” collaborative challenges and force-on-force real-time competitions.


The national shortfall of cybersecurity professionals remains a critical issue for both Federal and private-sector organizations as they compete for the best and the brightest cybersecurity professionals. Our approach to attracting talent is aligned with the mission our customers are involved in, and how each team member can directly contribute to protecting people, business, and data to secure the nation. In addition to external hiring, we focus on developing cybersecurity skills. At ASSYST, we manage our internal workforce by organizing a team based on our portfolio service. We apply workable practices in more accurately positioning roles and responsibilities when hiring cybersecurity professionals, as well as ensuring that the workforce remains satisfied.


ASSYST’s Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Practice provides solutions that help agencies build and maintain a robust cyber-security system that protects critical software applications, data, and processes. Our cybersecurity solutions are ready to support the military, law enforcement, humanitarian, regulatory, and diplomatic assets while protecting privacy and ensuring national security.