Notes from the 2020 ServiceNow Federal Forum


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Nancy Green, VP of Federal Business Development | LinkedIn


On behalf of ASSYST, I attended this year’s ServiceNow Federal Forum in February and I’m so glad I did. Witnessing ServiceNow adoption across the federal sector is remarkable. Whoever said that the feds are years behind industry? This doesn’t seem to be the case with these brave knowledge devouring agencies. What better way to multiply your ROI than to utilize your own data tenfold for process improvement, problem-solving, workforce enhancement, heightened CRM, and good old fashioned risk aversion? Working with our customers in the government and private sector to enable and connect digital workflows, I am happy that ASSYST is committed to supporting this positive change.


One of the most impressive and engaging presentations involved Mr. Jose Arrietta, CIO of HHS and his Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer and Acting Customer Experience Executive, Perryn Ashmore. Both spoke about their “all-in” adoption of the ServiceNow platform and how embracing smart tension is allowing positive change to take hold across the agency. In an effort to disrupt the extremely federated environment at HHS, their Chief HR Officer, Blair Duncan, released the Now HR platform to 10% of their organization (Workforce of over 86,000) to better manage and transform its employee data. By deciding to truly seize ServiceNow’s capabilities, they have solved an incredible amount of HR and IT problems simultaneously - and that is just the beginning for them according to Mr. Arietta.


Similar to how ASSYST’s clients are taking advantage of ServiceNow, the Department of Energy (DOE) is leveraging it for cyber supply chain risk management; the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) for application modernization, case management, project portfolio management, and more; the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for AI workforce management; the Office of the Director of National Intelligence for improved HR and recruiting; and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for facility management and ITSM. These very different applications of ServiceNow show just how adaptable the platform is and how willing federal agencies are to creatively apply innovation to their critical business processes. I’m sold.


ASSYST is heavily invested in transforming business processes into actionable digital journey maps by integrating and interfacing multiple enterprise systems with ServiceNow. We are supporting a leading Mid-Atlantic health insurance company to deliver an engaging employee onboarding experience by leveraging ServiceNow. While realizing that cloud, data, and analytics are shaping service delivery and customer experience, we are committed to helping our customers think beyond technology and tools to envision the bigger, improved picture.


If you are a Government Agency, there is no better time than now to adopt such tools to deliver employee, citizen, and partner experience. Like to connect, learn, and share ideas.


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