ASSYST provides Agile workshop for the CMS Building Enterprise Agile Readiness Symposium (BEARS) event

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ASSYST facilitated a workshop for CMS employees that builds on the SAFe® DevOps - CALMR (Culture, Automation, Lean Flow, Measurement, and Recovery) approach to DevSecOps. We provided simulated activities to engage participants in building and optimizing a DevSecOps environment. ASSYST also provided a Scrum workshop that included an interactive Scrum game. Participants deepened their knowledge of Agile and Scrum, and through hands-on activities and practice, will be able to transfer knowledge to their jobs.


ASSYST is currently providing Agile Coaching services at CMS ISPG that focus on Agile processes and practices at the team level for CMS’s Cybersecurity Program. We assist teams in defining and adopting Agile best practices in development, requirements management, testing, and deployments while being a primary contributor to the development of CMS Agile policies, practices, and processes related to cybersecurity.




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