Organizational Commitment to KM Assures Business Continuity During a Crisis Response


Leveraging Knowledge Management for Resilience During a Crisis



Christopher T. David, Program Director / PM | LinkedIn


The transformation of data into useful and relevant information lies at the center of all Knowledge Management (KM) frameworks. But often, the application of KM in Continuity of Operations (COOP) activities is not apparent. In light of the recent pandemic world in which we live, ASSYST is leveraging our mature KM experience within DOD and international organizations to develop the KM Needs Hierarchy, a forward-thinking framework to actively apply established KM models before, during, and after your enterprise COOP planning.



KM is traditionally applied along dual continuums of response (Local vs Global) and certainty (Static vs Chaos) but in extreme scenarios, the organizational response falls across all four quadrants. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected organizations and families at a deep level and KM can be leveraged quite effectively to enable organizations to identify the critical areas of focus for the months ahead. The current “new normal” in which we live and work affects the full spectrum of our organizational response and certainty. After identifying these needs, the primary challenge is in the prioritization of key KM activities.

ASSYST’s KM Needs Hierarchy leverages established KM processes and applies it directly to traditional COOP planning. In the model, prioritization starts with first connecting to your users and stakeholders through active listening and coaching; i.e. offering intensive video teleconferencing (VTC) training and/or advanced technology usage. Once this is in place, the focus shifts to a collecting role involving ongoing facilitation and publishing of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and pertinent knowledge bases. Thinking beyond the current global health crisis, organizations should invest now to establish KM policies, tools, technologies, and workspaces to ensure the full continuum of operational capabilities.


Christopher David (LinkedIn) is ASSYST’s Practice Director and Chief Knowledge Officer and is actively involved with KM initiatives across the enterprise. In his previous role, Chris was the Chief Technology Officer at Arlington County Government and pioneered the use of technology for COOP, Emergency Management, and Disaster Response following the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon.


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