cybersecurity solutions


Stable, Safe, and Reliable

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We provide security solutions that help agencies build and maintain a cybersecurity system that protects critical software applications, data, and processes.


We provide technology solutions that enable customers to take advantage of stream computing by designing, developing, and implementing continuous querying as part of the overall cybersecurity solution.

Each of you from ASSYST has been part of that team and have played a significant role in the success of the ISSO Engagements and Agency-wide Outreach Initiatives. Without your work supporting the Initiative, the vision we had years ago would not be the successful program it has become.

— Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)


Plan to Protect

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ASSYST’s security specialists develop best practices for physical controls, asset classification and control, network and computer access, business continuity, system and application security and compliance.


ASSYST helps customers create and deploy comprehensive security policies, standards, guidelines, and operating procedures.

"I would like to extend my sincere congratulations and appreciation for your efforts in earning USAACE several of the Best of AKO Awards."

— U.S. Army Aviation


Build It

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Our solutions provide a robust defense against cyber attacks by using continuous monitoring and performing diagnostics.


We provide a comprehensive integrated approach that combines continuous monitoring and tailored analytics across huge data structures to address persistent threats, fraud, and insider threats.

“Rapid successes with server virtualization by ASSYST allowed the Department of Technology Services to make a dramatic paradigm shift to our enterprise server architecture and deployment processes.”

— Montgomery County Government


Diagnostics and Mitigation

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The technology we implement provides diagnostics and mitigation to support the discovery effort for new deployments, and risk remediation of existing vulnerabilities in already deployed software


ASSYST’s implementation of continuous monitoring solutions has helped customers achieve significant reduction of system vulnerabilities

"The quality of workmanship exceeded expectations of all involved, and ASSYST was extremely qualified in the use of all Coast Guard software, tools and technology in support of our Business Intelligence initiative"

— U.S. Coast Guard


Identification, Assessment, and Prioritization

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ASSYST provides customers with state-of-the-art intrusion detection and analysis solutions.


ASSYST helps customers develop policies and procedures, assess security controls, and develop risk management plans.

“ASSYST has been instrumental in the HealtheVet IT initiatives and the quality and engineering capabilities have been exceptional.”

— Director, Veterans Affairs


Knowledge and Attitude

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ASSYST automates the continuous monitoring process and provides situational awareness reports based on threats and vulnerabilities that are used to mitigate security risks.


Our services prioritize findings and we provide detailed reporting by department, agency, platform, network, and asset class, and then score the vulnerability so it can be properly mitigated.

“They were dedicated to completing this effort and accomplished it through professionalism and teamwork.”

— National Guard Bureau


Integrate Policies, Processes and Controls

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ASSYST provides services to help customers determine and update compliance requirements and conduct privacy impact assessments and privacy audits.


Our subject matter experts help clients develop and update change management plans, enterprise security plans, maintain security policies and procedures, and test and evaluate system controls.

“ASSYST is receiving the Performance Excellence Award as recognition of high customer satisfaction, work ethic, integrity and professionalism.”

— Ambassador, DOS/CA/CST